Winter Berries

Posted on January 24 2013

I was kindly gifted this absolutely beautiful pattern Cranberry Autumn by Alicia Plummer to test one of my latest colourways, Winter Plain. I love the care and attention that Alicia puts into her work, the pattern comes complete with her Grandma’s recipe for Cranberry Pork which is a lovely, personal touch.

This pattern requires alternative cable cast-on which I had never done before, so after a quick google search I was on my way with a new skill under my belt. For those who aren’t familiar with alternative cable cast-on (or invisible cast on) it is a cast-on method that is virtually "invisible" and prevents curling. Very useful for hats! Unfortunately for me the instructions I watched on Youtube were actually incorrect! Here are some instructions on the correct way of how to do this.

I had also never knitted bobbles before, but did not need to stray from the pattern for this as there were clear instructions on how to create them. What fun bobbles are to make and very impressive… well my two year old thinks so anyway, he was quite fascinated with his new “bobble hat”.

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