Forest Reading, Limberlost Mittens.

Posted on January 07 2013

Knit a few rows, pick some lavender, knit knit knit.. I love summer holidays.  
One of my favourite pastimes is picking the fragrant lavender we have growing in our garden. It’s been so hot here this last week that the flowers have dried over night so now the house smells lovely and lavendery.

I started a pair of Limberlost by Melissa Schaschwary a few days ago. I had a little left over Raw DK in the colourway the Northern Forest, just enough to make these sweet little mittens. I cast on with my 4mm and I was away. As if by magic they knitted up in absolutely no time at all, so quick and so pretty. Melissa’s pattern is lovely, easy to follow and has beautiful end result I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of these when it cools down a bit.

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